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Hello everyone! I would like to personaly welcome you all to The Starmade Universe.  I made this site for the purpose of talking with people about this AMAZING GAME!!!  I started playing it after the Yogscast did 3 short videos on it and even though its in alpha I fell in love with it.  This game has so much potential and like Minecraft or even Terreria you can let your imagination go wild.  I wanted a site dedicated to showing off creations or video tutorials or even EPIC SPACE BATTLES.....ok maybe not the space battles....yet.....Yes the official Starmade site does have forums and all that junk but, if you think about it we all want those guys making this good game GREAT!!! They dont have time to sit around and make forums look pretty....thats my job (and their forums are hard to read with the grey and yellow).  With that I hope you all enjoy the Starmade Universe and I hope I will get to meet some great people, great builders, and the people who made the game.
Stay Frosty,
Icehart99 a Somthing to add there, keep in mind I am still tweaking all the sidebar items. If you would like to have something adde ...
     Thats right, I'm making a singleplayer Starmade series.  Since im new myself to the game I will be learning along with you but yet teaching all I know.  I will teach you how to make simple machines that will help us survive and thrive in the great universe we all know as Starmade.  So join me for an epic quest at my channel StarmadeUniverse on youtube!
Stay Frosty,
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Icehart99We have ads....I know I dont like them either but they will be gone when we get some donations to the site to pay for it. OK lets get to work on it now :)

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